Sunday, June 1, 2008

Poll #2 - Results and My Comments

A new poll (#2) has been posted. See the top right to vote your opinion.

It will be open until June 15th. I plan to have about two polls per month, more often if I have more visitors to my blog.

I just ask that you vote only once per poll. Everyone is invited to vote.

For the results of poll #1 and my "commentary" after the original blog entry, see this post.

Edit to post:

Results for poll #2 taken June 1 - 15th, 2008:

45 people voted

In your opinion, why do people primarily eat a vegetarian diet? (pick one answer)

love animals - 13 votes (28%)
for better health - 23 votes (51%)
less expensive
save world resources - 3 votes (6%)

lose weight - 1 vote (2%)
popular to do so - 3 votes (6%)
doctor's orders
religious reasons
- 2 votes (4%)

The most chosen, "for better health," seems to be the consensus of the voters on this poll. That's good because it is true. And it's why I chose it in the first place, almost 12 years ago. While everyone is trying to get their "five a day" to eat more fruits and vegetables, healthy vegetarians should have no trouble.

"Love animals" came in second, but I think a reason why young children or youth may request to eat less/no meat. Of course, if you are an adult, like me, you may be finding out that there are many things about the meat industry that they don't want you to know about. There are some unscrupulous people in the farming/butchering/meat industry business. As a meat eater (or otherwise), you should be informed of how your food is handled before it finds its way to your plate. Just like there are some very unethical practices in food crop agriculture, there are equally some in the meat industry. Be informed.

Three votes each for "saves world resources" and "popular to do so." Eating a vegetarian diet does save world resources. Eating a vegan diet, even more so. It does take much less water and other nutrients to grow food crops than to raise meat of any type. As to the popularity of a vegetarian diet, it all depends on where you live, your age, your family, your friends, etc... It really does depend on many things. In my experience, being a vegetarian has been easier than I thought and most people think its great. But they always say something to the tune of "but I couldn't eat that way." Or "I would miss meat," etc....and to think, I use to love meat. Really.

Two votes for "religious reasons." There are some religions that prohibit meat eating. As far as I'm aware, there are none in Christian based denominations.

One vote for "lose weight." I suppose some people may eat this way to lose weight. But the reason will probably not hold very long once weight has been lost for that individual. I see it as a side benefit to a healthy diet, but not the main factor in staying vegetarian. In fact, some people may even gain weight eating vegetarian at first, especially if they are ovo-lacto vegetarians (still eat eggs and dairy). Take it from me, eating lots of cheese and eggs after going meat free will not help you. And there are still many junk food items considered vegetarian or even vegan that should not be eaten in light of genuine health gains.

All that being said, there are many good reasons to eat a vegetarian diet. And going cold "turkey" to a strict vegan diet, I will never advise. Any big changes is diet are best done in steps and with someone who's been there. My purpose on this blog is to give my friendly say about my experience and to gain insight and exchange good ideas with others...whether they are vegetarians or not.

I have never tried to convince people to become vegetarian. It would be a welcome relief if no one tried to convince me to eat meat/animal products either. I have given support to those who wanted to change their diet for the better, because I can relate to that. I have also wanted support as well. May I be able to help someone out there who desires the same.

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