Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Simple Fudge

One thing I like is to have a few treat recipes for when the urge comes (read: cravings). You don't need to eat much if its a treat. What makes a treat a "treat" is that you eat it rarely and not everyday.

The following is a recipe for a simple fudge that we like. I actually used macadamia nut butter for this most recently, but you can use any nut butter or even peanut butter if you like. I used raw honey as it tends to be thicker than the usual store variety. The thicker your nut butter, the more solid the end product will be. Although around here, we just eat it straight from the freezer, cut into small cubes and then lick our fingers. =)

If you didn't catch the recipe here, I've posted the following:
Enjoy! =)

Simple Fudge

1 cup nut butter
1/2 cup carob powder (or cocoa)
1/2 cup honey

Mix together and freeze. Slice into small pieces for serving. Can roll in coconut or sesame seeds if desired.


John David said...

Nobody is fooled by carob. :)

Loretta said...

Good point, John David. I'm glad you brought it up. If you would like to read further in the background of this blog, you may see the reason for using carob.

I have never tried to fool anyone with carob as I inform people that it is indeed carob. At our house chocolate will not be found. Some people find that chocolate can trigger headaches and in an effort to eliminate my husband's migraines, this seems to help.

I am not opposed entirely to chocolate or cocoa, which is why you'll see it as an alternative in my recipes calling for carob powder or carob chips. It does contain caffeine and often dairy. Since this is a vegan blog, I have made my selections likewise.

I do remember with vague recollections from childhood my own mother using a processed carob product that I didn't care for. I agree that it did not taste as much like chocolate as I hoped then. I do not use this product nor have I ever endorsed its use.

Quality carob powder, on the other hand, has, in my opinion, a better taste when used with other quality ingredients to achieve a taste and flavor that I'm looking for. I never call it chocolate. Just ask my friends whom I've served my carob fudge, carob cake, carob chip cookies, etc.

Thanks for reading my blog. And as always feel free to modify the recipes that you see for ingredients you want to use and enjoy. Be creative! =)