Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Mint" Your Carob Cake

I recently baked another yummy carob cake for a friend's birthday. Since it was to be a surprise, her husband gave me instructions for the evening and he gave me a great idea. He said she often makes her chocolate/carob cake with mint in it.

So I decided to figure it out. Without checking other recipes, I first thought about adding in some crushed mint leaves since I had those. And then I remembered that my husband uses peppermint oil for migraine relief, so I tried that. I was only making a small cake (one layer of a two layered cake) so I put in only about 4 or 5 drops from my little tiny bottle of peppermint oil.

I am happy to report that it was a success! And what's interesting is this friend has been using the same recipe for carob cake that I've been using for years too! =)

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