Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Diatomaceous Earth

...otherwise known as DE. Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Flour) is an earth friendly product used for deworming, insect control, parasite eradicator for plants, animals, and people!

Its great for ant control in our kitchen and that's saying alot living in Africa, where they must have every size ant known to man...and other funny bugs of yet unknown names to me.

The great thing about DE is that it's totally harmless to humans and pets (of course, unless you have a pet termite...he he he...). It will not harm children and putting it in your garden is OK, because it doesn't hurt earthworms either.

We even use it on our puppy to help with ticks and fleas and on her bedding. We mix some into her dry dog food to kill bugs (in storage) and for her when she eats it. It is very useful for animals both small and large. Even farmers are finding out the great things about using DE in their fields, and with their animals. It can also be used for silos and storing grains.

Believe it or not, it can even be used as a supplement to rid parasites from people. Human use of DE is getting more well known apparently. Check this Freshwater Organics site out.

Another help for the kitchen...DE can be added to your grain, bean and other bulk bought storage. It will kill any bugs in your storage. And when you go to eat your bulk items, you don't have to clean it off, it's perfectly fine for human consumption.

It's not chemical or artificial. It's very important to get the right kind of DE for human & animal use. Note: the DE that is used for swimming pools is a very different product - never use it for human or pet use!
So check out these links for more information on DE (Fossil Shell Flour).

Freshwater Organics

Dirt Works

Perma Guard

They cover it better than I could in a blog post.

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Joe and Anna said...

I haven't heard of this. Thanks Loretta. I imagine that we will have a hard time finding it here but I'll start looking around. Where did you get it in Ghana? Gardening places?

Loretta said...

We actually ordered it from the USA and then had someone bring it over for us on a mission trip. And yes, gardening places would be a good place to start. Or look up it up online.
If you have someone coming to visit and they can spare a little room (and the weight), you could ask them to help you.
Since you are in SA, you may have more resources available to you than we did in Ghana.

Hope that helps. =)

Joseph Ekuban said...

Please I am Ghanaian based in Ghana, kumasi to be precise and I need some of this product. Where will I get Some in Ghana. Thank you

Loretta said...

I am responding to this more than five years later, but I have found a supplier for South Africa! Here is the link: http://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za/Diatomaceous-Earth-p-1-c-412.html

Hope it is helpful for someone.