Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Take the Ecological Footprint Quiz

My Ecological Footprint - Quiz Results
Congratulations, you are living an ecologically conscientious lifestyle. If everyone lived like you do, we would need only: .17 earths!!!

How about that? That's only point one seven earths. How cool is that? Of course, that is because of no car, vegan diet, and needing less energy because we live in a warm climate and no, we do not use air an conditioner either.

But some of those things will change when we move back to the states. Like getting a car. And using heat in the winter! So I'll take the quiz again in a few months and give you an update then.

Until then, why don't you take the ecological quiz today and see how you fare.

Have a great day.


Cajunchic said...

I got 2.26 earths. Not great by any means but it is mostly because everyone else in my family besides myself and my daughter are omnivores so I chose that and we live in a free standing home with air conditioning.

My friend took the quiz and got 10 earths!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I got just over 5 earths. That's BAD! It's good to be so aware of what we are doing. Thanks very much for sending the link. I am really enjoying reading your blog from the beginning.

Loretta said...

You are very welcome. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Happy reading! =)