Monday, June 23, 2008

My #1 Breastfeeding Aid

A friend called me today to ask me about a breastfeeding aid I once told her about. Turns out she's in need of it and couldn't remember the name of it.

What she wanted to know was about a great little invention called Lilypadz. These are the best aid for breastfeeding I have ever come across and have had wonderful success with them. I only wish I had known about them with my first baby.

(Guys, let your wife read the rest of this post. You've been warned!)

A little background...My first baby had trouble latching on correctly. And I got such terrible pain with cracked nipples and had my share of awful breast infections with him. I also had trouble with leaking. I joked that I could've nursed twins with the amount of milk I was blessed with.

Because of my trouble with leaking, I needed to have some sort of nursing pads to put in my bra so I wouldn't soak my clothes. I was given some disposable nursing pads and I also bought some flannel cloth ones to use. Well, the disposable ones would tear and the cloth ones would stick and be painful for me to take off. Since there was not much for an alternative, I still had to use one or the other all the time. Trying to heal cracked and sore nipples while needing to nurse and still having trouble leaking were leaving me at my wit's end.

And then there's the problem of keeping nursing pads where you want them. Oh, and how to keep them from showing through your clothing, with an "unnatural" silhouette. Somehow eventually things started getting better and I was able to nurse my first baby until he was 17 months old. I had made it through OK.

Before I was pregnant with my second, I was in a store and saw Lilypadz. I couldn't believe it. There it was...another silicone product like the Diva Cup. And I loved that product!!!

I remembered that information for awhile until I was pregnant again (we were blessed again after 7 years - PTL!) with our second baby. It wasn't long before I trekked out to that store to buy my newest breastfeeding friend. I bought it long before that baby was born - I was not going without this time!!!

Let me tell is just as good as the Diva Cup is for your monthly cycle. And the Lilypadz are only necessary for the "elite" few of us who actually leak when we have a new baby in the house until they are about a year old or so, if you are an active breastfeeding "team". But guess what? I hardly had trouble with breast infections - no big fevers or sick in bed anymore. No, not me. Cracked, bleeding, and painful sore nipples were a thing of the past. I was a convert.

A great side benefit of the Lilypadz is that they are reusable and hand washable. No running out of the disposable ones or having to launder cloth ones in the washer or hand wash and dry. These little gems can be washed one minute and applied the next minute. I found that I only needed to wash them about once per day. I found that one pair lasted me at least 6 months. So if you have leakage after this time, you may need to buy another pair. I am still nursing my two year old, but without leakage trouble at all these days.

On their website, you'll find many more testimonials from women like me who love them and can't say enough great things about them. I fully recommend it to any lady that is either pregnant or has a newborn that will be nursing. A pair will cost about $20.00 US or so. I believe it to be the best money paid for such a great invention!

If you know of anyone that could benefit from this product, tell them about this wonderful gem. They will not be disappointed.

...Another great product for easy nursing: stretchy sports bras or these wonderful bras at Decent Exposures. This company does sell bras with a nursing flap, but I found the original "unbra" to be the most helpful that is without this feature. You simply lift up to nurse, no hooks to bother with. They even have organic fabrics and latex-free elastics available! Shipping is included in the prices.

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