Monday, June 2, 2008

My Boy

Today is my son's birthday and he is now in the double digits. He turns 10 years old. Sutherland has grown so much even since we've lived in Africa. Why do they insist on getter older, taller, bigger, tell me? I know you parents out there know what I mean.

He really is only a size or two smaller than I am. OK, I'm only five foot tall, but still. =) His shoes are just one size smaller than mine. I think I should blame this on my wonderfully tall husband (at six ft. two in.), don't you think? LOL

Here's a photo I love of Sutherland taken in December 2007. Our family was on a retreat about 2 hours away, further west along the coast of Ghana. It remind me of his curious and inquisitive spirit. He's always ready to learn something new and find some new treasure.

Already today he showed us what he learned about a baby lizard he caught the other day and what it likes to eat. Apparently he likes to eat ants... live ones. So Sutherland is now the ant hunter for his lizard. I could use a few less ants around here...LOL.

He is my bud. We are so glad to have him after a long time of waiting on the Lord to bless us with a child. We thought he'd be our only child when we didn't conceive again for more than 7 years after he was born. God had other plans though and about 6 weeks before he turned 8 years old, we had our second child. Praise the Lord! He's a great big brother to Francesca. This next photo was taken in late 2006.

This is Sutherland today...on his 10th birthday.

May the Lord bless and keep you on your life's journey.
I love you, Sutherland.
Thanks for making me a mama!!!


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I remember him when he was potty-training and how proud he was. :)