Friday, June 13, 2008

What I "do" for fun...French braids!

Life is more fun if you get a little creative. When you don't "do" a lot of entertainment (by the world's standards), you start to have fun with the simple things in life.

Take for example, doing a little girl's hair. To me, it's fun to see what I can do for a "do.''

French braids are my preference because she has many short hairs that need corralling. When I first started doing them, even though I knew how to do them, with a wiggly child...easier said than done. I figured out that having a distraction was very helpful. Some barrettes, rocks & shells, or a fun colorful toy to play with helped me out while I did the following hairdos.

This is from one of the first times I did her hair...

One time I did a three French braid "do", another... a side part French braid...

Last week...a spiral, one continuous French braid...why not?
And today, a "crown" style that turned out really well!

Simple, frugal, and fun. 


Dana said...

So cute--especially the last one! I've tried so many times to learn to French braid. I think I need at least four hands to do it!


Loretta said...

I don't remember how I learned except that I am a very hands-on kind of learner. My younger sister used to French braid her cheerleading squad's hair and basketball team's too when she was in school. It sure helps keep hair out of your eyes when done well.
Find a friend or two who knows how to do it and take turns practicing on each other or a daughter or two. It gets better with practice. You might be able to see a video online - try to google "how to french braid" and see what you come up with. Try it!
Happy braiding!

Sarah said...

How fun! I love the crown! My sisters and I used to love French braiding one another's hair when we were growing up. I can't wait for my little girl to have enough hair for me to really be able to play with it!