Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another GMO-Free Resource

Recently a friend passed along some very important information that will help me to shop, eat, and enjoy gmo-free foods.

I am sharing the information with you, because this is precisely why I am writing this blog...to give you the tips that I didn't have back when I started my own kitchen.

Responsible Technology has a great website the I have not fully explored yet. When I do, I will post more links. Some things I've seen so far are: eating gmo-free, shopping gmo-free, more info about "The World According to Monsanto" documentary, etc... really, really good stuff!

Check it out!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Water Bottles

If you drink any amount of water, you may have a favorite water bottle. My favorite lately has been the Klean Kanteen. I ordered them online for our family. We have the 27 oz. size and our three year old has the 18 oz. size. No matter which bottle you pick, having one that you use regularly will help you get the water you need.

I like the Klean Kanteen bottles because they: 1. are made with recyclable 18/8 stainless steel, 2. are aluminum free, 3. are BPA free, 4. have a good weight (more than 6 oz. empty!) and 5. have a wide bottle opening. Hey, they even fit into our car's cup holders. I purchased the loop top for us. I opted not to buy the stainless steel caps, although I thought about it...thought it might make a loud squeaky noise (and they were more expensive anyway).

I've seen the ones they sell in some stores - too lightweight and not heavy duty, flimsy caps that are hard to get on right. If you drink water... and these summer days call for it...you need a container you'll use to help you get the water you need.

Don't be a disposable water bottle buyer. Get a purifier and drink it from your own bottle. Saves money and you won't ever forget which one is yours. Maybe you're wondering how we tell ours apart. Mine is the one with a bead tassel on it, my husband's is a "no decor", my son's has a metal keyring on his, and our daughter's is the small size. Otherwise they look the same.

No matter which one you pick, make sure you like it and it's convenient to use.