Friday, August 24, 2012

Tahini Fudge

I recently attended a family reunion in Virginia and took some of this (similar to Simple Fudge) along to share. It was a hit, along with Truffles and another recipe, Date Pecan Treats, I'll share later. It is best a day or two after it's made, so plan accordingly. Enjoy!

Tahini Fudge

1 cup tahini (sesame seed paste/butter)
1 cup carob (or cocoa) powder
3/4 cup honey
1/2 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

Optional mix-ins:

Mix together well. The mixture will be a bit like thick frosting. Put into a small flat pan in the freezer and chill for a few hours (up to 24). Cut into bite size pieces and place them separately onto another dish and return to freezer until ready to serve. You'll lick your fingers, these are so good (and gooey!).


Kristen said...

Yummy! I can't wait to try them!

Kristen said...

Tried them tonight and they were so good! My dad makes great fudge, and have not had it for so long. This took away the craving.

Loretta said...

Glad you liked it. I sometimes miss the foods that I ate before becoming vegan. No problem now. Just do it better! =)