Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carrot Dip - Art Or Invention?

I like my favorite hobby. Food. Sometimes I play a little and see what I can come up with. Recipes, that is. Then sometimes something just looks cool...

I love the way good food looks. Things are beautiful in the "natural," don't you think?

This was my latest experiment...not too bad. Can you even guess what's in my Vitamix?

I'll give you a hint...it was dip for our "homemade" corn tortillas (the last ones till we get back to the good old USA). No tomatoes either...

OK, give up? It is the beautiful orange carrot. Pureed. Yes, that's right.

Carrot Dip

I put in about 6-8 carrots with water to cover and pureed it. So that's what you see in the bottom under my seasonings.

Seasonings (the artsy part!) from top, going clockwise around to the middle (very rough estimates...I am a shake and pour kind of person sometimes):

2 tsp. chili powder

1/2 tsp. salt (hard to see)

1 tsp. dried onion flakes

1 1/2 tsp. cumin powder

1/2 tsp. dried minced garlic

2 Tbsp. beet juice! =)

and about 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast on top of this

All mixed up, very good. I wanted to see if the beet would make it more red. Not really. But it didn't hurt anything. The finished product still looked orange, just darker. Sort of a cheesy type carrot sauce. And no, it did not taste like overcooked carrots with no flavor. It was very good.

We had this alongside some avocado (Remember our friends? They supply us about once per week!) and corn tortillys and we had us some happy mouths.

...and because I couldn't decide which photo to use, I'll leave you with a parting shot...ain't it perdy?


texasleslie said...

Agh......lost my last comment!
just wanted to tell you, you are having LOTS of fun with food!
The website is so pretty, and colors, etc., are relaxing and it makes it easy to read.
The pictures are SO good! and just add to the fun of it all !

Joelle said...

Huh... wow. Would have never guessed the beet juice! I was like, what is that hot pink stuff?! lol.
Looks like you're having fun! I need to get a vitamix or a comparable blender. My mom has a Champ. I miss it.

Happy to be at Home said...

I might have to try this. I am trying to find new recipes for the vita-mix and this one looks like a possibility!
Thanks for sharing~