Thursday, January 28, 2010

May the Lord be with you...

....and also with you.

We are enjoying time with good friends out of state. There's nothing like a refill of friend time and a word of wisdom from one to another. I wish I could take them all home with me just so I could be near them more. Good friends are indeed a treasure. The greatest treasure is one that no one can take away..the wonderful gift of Christ to this soul.

When you are tired and empty emotionally, find a faithful friend to lift you up. The Lord gives a word of wisdom to me through them and I am refreshed. Our time with loved ones is not done. We expect to see more of Him when we spend Shabbat evening with those who love the Messiah!

Wait in expectation of Jesus! We must expect that the Lord will do a good work in us. Not that we "hope" (laced with doubt), but that we know He will! Lift someone else up in prayer today that the Lord lays on your heart. Don't quench the Holy Spirit's prompting in your life.

May all of you experience Jesus in a fresh and new way today.

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Ramona said...

Beautiful Loretta, thanks for sharing this.