Friday, May 9, 2008

Using Cloth

A frugal tip for today...

My family enjoys using cloth handkerchiefs. You can wipe a sweaty brow and have a really sturdy, but nice and soft hanky to blow your nose with. And there are pretty ones out there for ladies too!

My baby (Ok, not so "baby" anymore) loves that I use baby washcloths for baby wipes. Just wet them with water and use. I even had a friend (thanks, Rosalyn!) who has a serger make some flannel wipes for me out of the receiving blankets I wasn't using. I just toss these in with the cloth diapers in the diaper pail and wash together.

Cloth diapers: need I say more?...These have saved us tons of money and I love them.

Cloth napkins: get colorful ones (stains show up less) and have an assortment. Have everyone pick their own out to use at mealtimes until it needs washed. Sometimes you'll wash after one use (rarely) and sometimes it's more like a few days before you need to wash. Everyone keeps the same one until it needs washed. I've even used cut up t-shirts (because of holes, stains, etc...), that weren't bad enough for the rag bag, for a while. You can always put them in the rag bag later. They won't tear like paper ones do.

Just think about what you use paper for and see how you could do it using cloth instead. Try it.

Cloth just feels a lot better and is money wise.

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KayleighJeanne said...

We love using baby washcloths instead of wipes. There wouldn't be room for a trash can by the changing table anyways.