Friday, May 2, 2008

Haircuts for the guys...Frugal tip

Well, my guys (hubby and son) finally got haircuts yesterday they've needed for quite a while. You know your son needs his hair cut when his stick straight hair is starting to give him wings over his ears! Get ready for takeoff! And while he would love to fly to the states much sooner if he could, I think that the hair cut was much cheaper and necessary anyway...Sorry, Sutherland. My husband always likes his hair cut super short, so his cut looks more decent for a longer time, even though his neck needs a good trim.

Before we moved to Ghana, we had a good system in place to cut hair... Welcome to mama's barber chair! =) Seriously, I have done both their haircuts for years. I bought an electric trimmer for my husband's hair the first year we were married (15 years ago this month! =). I've used it ever since for at least 14 years (that adds up, you know).

Along came our son who was born with hair that a bald girl baby would love! I started..had to...cut his hair at 4 months old so it wouldn't get into his eyes. LOL! So along with a good scissors now and then, I've been doing both their hair now for quite a while.

Enter Ghana...take trimmers, blow them out while trying to use them the first time, not being careful about the voltage stuff you're supposed to here and wah-lah...need to find good cheap barber. You know what I mean?! LOL

The good thing about Ghana..prices are usually very cheap for services, compared to the US anyway. We asked about barber prices. When we first came...they were only about 70 pesewas for a man, 35 pesewas for a boy. In case you didn't catch my post (What's it like in the tropics?) about the equivalent to US, that would be roughly 70 US CENTS and 35 US CENTS!!!

Yep, if you could sign up, right then and there, for barber shop "membership" - I'd say let's go.... So while we are here, we've been enjoying the thrifty prices here for a fairly decent guy's cut. I will say that the prices and barbers have changed now and then, but paying about 1 US dollar for a guy's haircut these days, I think, is still pretty good. And I don't have to cleanup - hey! LOL

When we move back, we will make sure that our trimmers are OK, and then start doing cuts at Mama's place once again. Since us ladies don't cut our hair (another frugal tip - don't cut! =), besides mama's occasional self-trim for my split ends, we save by doing it ourselves at home. I've even done scissor only cuts for the guys at our house. It doesn't take too much to learn. I read up on how to do it from a book at my local library.

The other thing I like about paying someone else to do it here, is that you are helping support the people here that are making a living doing this. There are many things I like to do myself, yet at the same time, there are times when having someone else help is also a very good choice.


Linds said...

I cut my guys hair too. Wow $1 for a haircut would be nice though :)

Anonymous said...

Hi have just found your blog and found it very interesting. Could you please write a food diary of a normal day please. Bless, Vicky

Loretta said...

See my next post...

Thanks for the request. Keep reading...