Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's a day I can't remember

My birthday!

Have you ever thought about your actual birthday? I cannot say that I remember that day back in 1972. But I do remember quite a few since then.

My mother used to take pictures of me beside the poppies that grew in our yard every year on my birthday. We happen to visit the homeplace back in 2002, when I turned 30. I had my husband take my photo by the poppies again. I hadn't done that in years. It was fun to stand beside the reddish orange poppies once more.

I have pictures of me years ago when I was barely taller than the flowers were. Some have my brother and sister in the photo with me. Quite cute. Now that I am taller than the flowers (barely, mind you! LOL), and have some more years behind me...I am glad for a few things...

God's beautiful creation
flowers (especially reddish orange poppies)
being a wife to one wonderful man
being a mother to two (so far)
a Maker who knows my name
a Book to guide me on my journey
a Comforter to lead me
God created foods to heal and nourish
the rest of life to look forward to...

I am 36 today. I will always be truthful when telling my age. And why not? It shows that I'm am not ashamed to be any age. No certain age is perfection. However old you are, it's perfect for you. If you have true joy, you will never be "too old."

One more thing to share... no matter my age, there is always Someone who can teach me something I need to know. So I need to listen.

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