Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Nice Thing About Museums

No matter what kind of museum you enjoy, there are many interesting things to see and admire. There's a bit of history in every piece. What I like most about museums is that although I like to see the exhibitions, there is nothing I desire about the upkeep related to taking care of each piece. Thanks to curators, who oversee the care these collections require, we all can enjoy history a little more.

I have likened my house to a museum sometimes to get a feel for the care I must give to keep things in order and in good condition. It matters to me the maintenance needed to take care of one more item in my "collection". When I see something in a store I like, I need to remember that unless I remove an item at home to make room for this new item, that I will only add to my daily work of having to take care of one more thing. Depending if it will help me more than it will make me work, I may consider it.

I see many beautiful things when I'm out and about. But I can much more enjoy them knowing I don't have to take care of them. Sometimes leaving them exactly where they are is key to enjoying them best.

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