Friday, January 30, 2009

The Library: A Reader's Retreat

My family has recently enjoyed going to the library almost on a weekly basis. It's fun to see all the books (and other media) available to borrow free of charge. Even our two year old loves to play in the children's area and borrow books. For great tv free options, a library can't be beat.

My ten year old has used the "hold" option on books not in our local library, but in the same system, to be able to reserve books he wants to read. My husband likes checking out music cd's and humorous novels. I like to read non-fiction on things I'm interested in at the time. I may read some vegetarian magazines or how to organize a home (can you tell?). I have different interests that always give me something new to look up.

A great thing is that I can see what everyone in my family has checked out by checking online. Books checked out, books requested, and any fines are there for us to see without needing to call or visit the library. There's even a way for me to get a weekly update sent to my email box if I choose.

It's a wonderful extension of homeschooling. In fact, there are many books that you can just borrow instead of buying for this very purpose at libraries. There are story times and other activities available through our local library. Most (that are of any size) will have a book sale about once a year. So when it's useful to own a book, ask about these sales.

Check out your local library to see your options. You don't have to buy every book you read, or every cd you listen to, or every movie you see. Ask about inter-library loan. I've read very old books from a library all the way across the country. It's great fun and costs nothing. If you can't get to the library (due to a disability), there may be a way for you to get library items brought to you! All you have to do is ask. Check out your local library today.

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