Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Junk Mail

Did you know about 45% of all junk mail is thrown away unopened? It's no wonder. If you, like me, have wondered what to do to cut down on the amount of uninvited mail that shows up in your mailbox, there is something you can do.

Type in "stop junk mail" on Google (or other search engine) and check out numerous websites for all kinds of tips for eliminating your unwanted mail. There are tips on how to deal with unwanted catalogs as well.

What I've found that has been helpful is to stop unwanted mail as soon as I see it coming. It takes a little effort, but they will take you off. If you have lots coming your way, make it a point to make some calls (or send postcards) 30 minutes every week until it's done.

Just state that you'd like to be taken off of their mailing lists. Be polite. If you are calling, make sure you have the mailing label in hand. If they made mistakes with your name or address, then give them the info as they wrote it. Do the same with the info if you are mailing them a request as well.

Using the same tips and guides to eliminate mail will also point ways to cut down on telemarketers and email spam as well. So, check it out.

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