Friday, September 12, 2008

Frugal Tip - Do you know where things are?

One thing that I've realized since being back is how unorganized our storage was. Our move to Africa was very disorganized and I didn't have a good system on how to locate things (without going through everything). I guess I figured "it's all there somewhere."

One thing I should have done is to make a master list of what we do have. You think you'd remember, but two years later...not gonna happen! One fun thing (if there is one) - it feels like your birthday when you find something you love that you didn't remember you had. =)

What would be useful in the future? Keep my things organized and not buy duplicates of things I already own. Seriously, after two years, you will forget! We won't move to our own place for a few more weeks, so I need to resist buying anything right now, that I might already have in our storage. Bad part is our storage is in another state about 5 hours drive away. Ugh!

What's funny is that I really love being organized and when we settle into a new place, I'm usually a very organized person. In fact, I love helping others organize too. I will be helping my parents to organize their home so that it is more accessible for them both.

Finding things can never be overrated!!!

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Mom2fur said...

I bet you'll be happy when you have things 'in order' again!
I found the coolest site (free, of course) for keeping track of things you own. It's called "Pack and Find." Basically, you keep a record there of what you have and where it is. Then later, if you're wondering, you just type in the name of the item, hit 'find' and it will tell you exactly where you put it! For instance, if I'm looking for my red winter coat, I'll type that in and it comes back with: Green Box, Attic. It's fun and easy and it sure has helped me!