Friday, September 19, 2008

The Calculator: A Valuable Tool

I have been putting off getting into the mode of checking prices like I should at the grocery store. I have been doing figures in my head, but one tool that makes my life easier is a calculator. I take it to the store with me to find the real price per cup, pound, ounce, or other measurement.

I know that some stores have per unit pricing on the shelf label, but sometimes that label is missing or it's not broken down the way that's useful for me. So I take my own calculator and figure it out right there in the store aisle.

Yesterday I bought a calculator that will fit in my wallet and planner to make my life easier. I plan to start writing prices down into a price book. Since moving back about 5 weeks ago, I've realized that I need to get on the ball with this. I plan to write more about the price book soon.

Getting the "real" price with a calculator can be valuable to see if you are really saving money. It may not always seem like much, but it adds up over time.


the7gerbers said...

Imagine my delight when I discovered one day that my cell phone has a calculator built in! I am not a person who checks out all the bells & whistles so it's been there all the time and I just figured it out.

Since I carry my phone with me anyway when I am out, it is handy to use this calulator when shopping, and I do use it quite often.

texasleslie said...

YEAH!!!!! welcome back to blogging!..we have been away on a camping trip and I was checking regularly before as you were adjusting to being back!...glad to see you actively blogging again.
enjoyed reading your posts!
The dehydrator is SO much fun. When our kids were smaller, they loved doing fruits but mostly herbs! I dried alot of basil and dill and sage in the gas oven with pilot light, but the dehydrator was fun!

Also...the calculator at the store is a great idea...been doing that for years. Amazing how sometimes the "bulk-budget" items are not that at all !

Hope things are continually progressing into your being able to have your own family home soon.
enjoy your blog!