Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wrap and Spin Tip

I've been aiming for more raw foods in our diet and any easy idea that incorporates that into my life, the better. I have plenty of filling ideas to put into sandwiches and wraps that are raw, but what to put them in? Bread, tortillas, pitas and crackers are baked. Chips, for dipping, are fried. Hmmm...something raw? Well, how about romaine lettuce?

We now regularly enjoy using romaine for wrapping around our favorite filling. Whether the filling itself is completely raw or not, doesn't matter...just knowing that I can enjoy things without heavy breads is quite nice actually.

Now I can have lettuce tacos, or hummus with veggies all wrapped up. And children love having a lettuce "boat" to fill and eat taco style. Your normal salad looks more fun all put into some leafy lettuce or romaine at lunch time. That crunch make you feel like you still ate something crispy like chips or the taco shell you miss.

Nothing beats lettuce washed and then spun dry with a salad spinner. Here's the style we have. I just wish it were bigger! If you eat any salad (and you know you should be!), then you'll need something to dry the leaves so that your dressing sticks better and your lettuce will last longer, should you have leftovers.

You can even spin them out in a clean pillowcase. You put your washed lettuce inside the pillowcase, hold closed with one hand, then spin outside (water the lawn =) or inside a shower (with the shower curtain closed around your arm while spinning). More fun and gets the job done!

You can wash and spin out any greens, herbs and sprouts the same way. Having the right tool to make your food healthier is so nice.

What tool has been helpful to you to make your eating better and easier? Please share.

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Anonymous said...

My Vitamix is my favourite kitchen tool to make our eating better and easier - it's fantastic for green smoothies, icy drinks on hot days, soups on cold days, pesto, hummus, chopping veg for veg burgers and fruit for raw fruit pies!