Friday, May 15, 2009

Life is but a vapor...

This life we have is fleeting. We never know what lies ahead. Two deaths in the family have caused me to be much more grateful recently.

Living for eternal things, things that will last forever makes so much sense when considering what matters after someone dies. I am grateful that both of these wonderful ladies (my grandmother and my own mother-in-law) were believers. I can say that I will see them both again. I am glad. I can't wait to see them without the aching bodies they once called home.

"I am just a stranger in this world....I'm just passing through"....these words remind me that this world is not my home. I have an eternal soul in a mortal body. When this body dies, I get to make my final trip to my eternal home...with Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! To spend eternity with him and sing his praises forever couldn't please me more.

Tell your family that you love them. Give them extra hugs and kisses. Squeeze them a little tighter. Love them a little more. Reconcile with a friend. Humble yourself more. Ask for forgiveness more often. Be more forgiving. And be forever grateful that you have a Savior.

Live so you have no regrets.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss (thought they are both in a better place). I lost my grandma in March. I was relieved to know that she was a Christian too, because I wasn't sure.