Monday, May 18, 2009


Did you know...
* The human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent water, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water.
* A human can survive for a month or more without eating food, but only a week or so without drinking water.
(thanks to The Water Information Program)
Not only can you drink it, you can bathe in it and much more.
We need to make sure we stay hydrated so our body functions the way it should. Some drinks actually dehydrate you. Coffee and sodas will not quench your thirst. That's why you need good ol' water to keep your body working well. Make sure you are drinking clean water. Filtered is good, but purified is even better. When dining in a restaurant, ask for lemon with your water. Fresh lemon juice will help purify tap water which is what most restaurants serve you.
Bathing washes away the waste our skin eliminates and the dirt we get just from being in the environment. A baby's bottom usually doesn't need all kinds of special potions and fancy wipes...all is needed is some room temperature (or slightly warmer) water on a baby washcloth to get clean. Same with us. We are wash and wear.
When it's hot outside, playing in water can really cool you off. Children love to dance around in the water. Not only does it help them to cool off, but it keeps them active as well.

Water is good for many other things too...but not good to waste. Please use good judgment when brushing teeth and taking baths and showers to use less. Using hot water on skin can dehydrate skin so go easy on the temperature and amount. Always turn running water off when not using it. For example: when in Africa, we used water in a container that we poured over our toothbrushes since the running water was not fit to drink. Sometimes when we were low on drinking water, we learned to use just enough (maybe only one cup worth) to get the job done.

So when drinking, have at it....but when bathing, use enough to get clean and no more. If you have city water this will help your water bill too. Living in Africa reminded me that we cannot take clean water for granted. Many people are sick because they have no clean water to drink and bathe with.

Water...drink it in. And be thankful for fresh clean water.

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