Friday, December 19, 2008

Your Money Ceiling

Sometimes saving money isn't about all those discounted prices on goods you "can't live without". Using coupons is good only for those who already have the appetite for the things they can be redeemed on.

If you suddenly found you were without money, all those decisions about which one and what color to buy of the latest gizmo would be laughable. It would be much easier to decide that it's impossible to buy, considering your current circumstances.

Ah, but you say, "I have a credit card, no problem". The fake money ceiling of credit makes you feel like the sky is the limit. In actuality, your real money ceiling is much lower, for some very very low. Nothing like realizing that it's right above your nose. You have no room to budge.

What I'm talking about makes sense to some of you. Then there are those of you who have been "playing the Pharaoh" in denial (the Nile). If you really live within your means (less than your income), then this makes total sense, does it not?

You've probably heard a famous person say "I've been fat and I've been slim...Slim is better." Well I say, "I've been in debt and I've been debt free...Debt free is much much better!" There's nothing like knowing that you owe no one...for anything. Your whole mindset changes and you can sleep at night.

I realized recently that after 4 months in the US with no work for my husband, that we may be in for more belt tightening. Times are tough for those out of work. I can relate.

What I challenge everyone to do is to reconsider the things you want and only consider those that you need. Who knows, maybe your situation will take a downturn before you know it. What are you going to do? Where's your emergency fund?

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tandemingtroll said...

I agree that being out of debt is far more satisfying than being in debt. The question that we all have to ask ourselves at the store is "do we really NEED to purchase this?" Whenever I bother to ask the question, the answer, invariably, is "No!" So, sometimes I don't ask myself the question. The message that has been out there for so long and, probably is still out there is "I deserve it/I'm worth this indulgence." That is the lie I have to combat all the time with my kids and myself.

I will be praying that your husband will get a job soon.