Sunday, November 30, 2008

Be a Friend...

...Give a hug.

It's amazing to me sometimes how some people just exude comfort to everyone they meet. I am so thankful for the kind words and actions of people that have been welcoming to my family since we've been back from Ghana. Thanks to good friends, we have been able to appreciate a little more, love a little more, and relax a little more.

Have you ever realized how relaxed you are around people who love you? It's part of that wonderful whateveryoucallit that just makes you laugh a little more, talk a little more, and overall feel a lot better about life.

After a good uplifting conversation with a friend, you go away feeling like you could take the world on your shoulders. After a time like that you think that so much more in the world is trivial and nothing could harm you. Because you have been refreshed and loved and cared for.

I have been with friends today that lost a loved one and after crying with them and giving them hugs, I felt like I had paid it forward, so to speak. It was really good to be able to do that and feel like we connected a little more.

It's easy to give love when you've been showered with it. Go show someone today how much you love them. Allow them to pass it on. The results are worth it!

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