Monday, August 4, 2008

Poll #5 Results

Thanks to everyone who voted on the latest poll (ended August 1st). With 54 votes total, the following numbers are as follows:

How did you learn about Vegan Footprints?
  • link through Biblical Womanhood: 12 (22%)

  • link through Tammy's Recipes: 38 (70%)

  • internet search for related topic: 1 (1%)

  • know me personally: 2 (3%)

  • link or other mention in another blog/website (not mentioned above): 1 (1%)

I have been posting a "frugal Friday tip" every Friday on "Biblical Womanhood", a blog by Crystal. It's been a good way to let people know about Vegan Footprints. Thanks to all those who have come back even on other days to read my posts. Keep reading!

Another weekly post I do is for "kitchen tip Tuesday" hosted by Tammy at Tammy's Recipes. This has apparently been the best way to let others know about Vegan Footprints. For all these readers, I am thankful. Keep reading!

I am glad to know a little more about my readers through these polls. The newest poll has been added to the sidebar. Please vote today!

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