Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Food Matters" Documentary

I recently watched "Food Matters" with my family. I highly recommend it to everyone. Informative and eye opening. It reinforces what I've already learned and reminds me to stay vigilant on matters of food and health care.

You really are what you eat! Watch the video.


John David said...

Hi Loretta. I just found this blog from Tim's FB account. I have been experimenting with a raw vegan diet this summer--not very consistently, though. I borrowed a friend's juicer and started juicing this week. I don't like veggies, so that is one way, other than spinach smoothies, to get them down. I used mustard greens and parsley today, and the mustards were way too spicy. Are you raw, cooked, both? I'll have to read more and find some good ideas. I hope you are doing well.

Loretta said...

Great to see you here, John David. =) We are doing well. Hope you are too.

We are not totally raw and if you read my four part blog post about my food "philosophy" (April 2008, archives), you'll see my fairly current ideas on food.

Juicing is an excellent way to get nutrition dense food, fast. We like carrots, beets, and greens. Throw in some fresh ginger (about 1 teaspoon) or less per batch of juicing and yum! Use less at first if you are not sure, it can be spicy. Put an apple through if you need it sweeter. Ginger also helps with digestion.

I will say that since I wrote those in April 2008, we do try to eat much more raw. Raw green smoothies is generally what breakfast is around here. I love them.

I have not used mustard greens in a smoothie yet, but thanks for the heads up. I've had parsley (as my only greens) in a smoothie before and LOVE it! It taste so fresh.
Maybe next time, use just a leaf (or part of one) of mustard greens with some milder leafy lettuce and see if you like that.

Go easy at first and eventually add more as you like them. And if you never like certain ones, don't eat them. You will only stick to eating what you find to taste good. Who wants to stick to a diet that doesn't taste good? I will say that your tastes buds will change after a few weeks time of diet change, so don't give up, just give yourself time before you try it again.

There are plenty of greens to try. Ones I enjoy: any lettuces (NOT iceburg, I don't even suggest anyone eat iceburg in any form), parsley, kale (LOVE), Swiss chard, spring mix, spinach (don't rely on this one too much though). I'll add other green veggies such as cucumber & zucchini every once in a while.

Generally, I put about 1/2 pound of leafy greens into my 2 quart batch of green smoothie with fruit (fresh & frozen), water, and optional add-ins and that feeds our family of four for breakfast.

Please do come back. I'd be interested in hearing why the diet change. I think it can be good for short or long term. Everyone has a different story for changing to something so un-"american" (aka: Standard American Diet or "SAD"). Love to hear yours.