Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Farmer's Markets

I am really loving the farmer's markets this year. Last year we participated in a CSA, but this year we thought we'd try a farmer's market approach. I guess it goes back to how we shopped in Ghana and we enjoyed getting to know the merchants. We thought we'd have a (mini) garden this year, but that proved difficult with our time schedule.

In Ghana, we needed to buy about 98% of our produce at roadside stands. Since buying pre-frozen produce was so expensive, we got used to having to do everything from fresh and raw. Probably a very good thing. Trust me, buying tropical fruit, that was grown locally, was fun! And a lot cheaper too.

This year, I've made fresh raw salsa with farmer's market tomatoes, garlic, hot peppers, and red onions. I've made green smoothies with Swiss chard, kale and leaf lettuces bought at farmer's markets. I even braided some garlic too. Today I bought some basil that will be pesto tomorrow.

It's fun to try new things. I found some 100% beeswax votive candles today that I can't wait to use. They smell so good! We've found maple syrup, bread, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini (what's a summer without zucchini?), acorn squash, blueberries in addition to the others already mentioned and much more!

If you are not familiar with farmer's markets in your area, I encourage you to ask around. Find out the days and hours they are open and where they set up. You may find more than you think. If you are unfamiliar with something they sell, ask them how to use it and go and try it at home. Hopefully you've checked the recipes I've posted for many ideas on using fresh produce.

If you want to try something and I don't have a recipe for it here, please comment and tell me what you want to see. I can find one that might work for you.


Miss Linda said...

Hello, Loretta! I found your blog through the link on the Lose It! site. You have a lovely blog with a wealth of information. I look forward to trying some of your recipes and suggestions!

Loretta said...

Welcome, Miss Linda! =) Glad you've come for a visit. Thanks for the compliment.

I'm really finding the Lose It! site very helpful for tracking my food and exercise. Now that I think about it, I'll be able to find out some basic nutrition numbers to my recipes this way.

Keep reading and you'll find some posts from when we lived in Africa too. I started this blog when we were living in Ghana.

Miss Linda said...

I actually read quite a few posts yesterday. I really enjoyed the post showing the woman from Ghana making tofu. You have many excellent recipe I'm looking forward to trying! You are very generous with your recipes and knowledge and I appreciate it so much!

Loretta said...

You are very welcome. Feel free to comment on the specific posts you enjoy or find interesting. Thanks.