Saturday, July 4, 2009

Financial Freedom

I wrote one year ago today about financial independence. Go read it now, I'll wait.... =)


How's it going?
Are you where you want to be?
Have you taken the opportunities God has put in your path to be more secure moneywise?
What about saving money where you can? ...And then some.

Please, if you have found some tips that have helped you to keep and save your money, please comment on this post and pass them along. Pay it forward, so to speak. I'll be reading every one of them and sharing the best ones in a future post.

We are still happy that through all the time of not finding work for my husband that we have remained debt free. I can't say enough that everyone should save up emergency funds and work whenever the opportunity arises to help someone out here and there, whether you get paid or not. It's not always in cash that God provides. He is faithful. So you be faithful.


Anonymous said...

I have 2 money saving tips that work for our family:
1. Stay home and enjoy what you have! Read a book, work in your yard, clean, relax, look around and count your blessings!
2. Go grocery shopping once and month. If you go to cook something and you don't have an ingredient make do with what you have. If you plan ahead and have a good pantry you will be fine.

tandemingtroll said...

I am so glad your husband found a job. Every once in a while, I have been praying for your family.
My husband lost his job in January, but found a replacement pretty soon. It meant a move across the country and breaking from so many good friends and a church that was dear to me as well as a three day car ride from grandparents. However, God is proving that He is sufficient.

My big cost savings is always asking myself "Do I really NEED this?" This was the question that got me out of debt when I was a single person. I ask it about groceries, clothes, and other items. If the item passes this test, the next question I ask is "Is it worth finding a place for it?" With four kids, we have a lot of stuff and we moved to a place where there isn't a lot of storage (i.e. no basement), so we almost need to get rid of stuff before we get any new stuff, which would, of course, defeat the purpose ;-).

For those of us who don't like traipsing all around the city looking for garage sales in the off chance that they have something that I like, I will sometimes use Freecycle. It also satisfies my "hunt" style of shopping: seek the target you are purchasing and when all targets have been acquired, get out and get home.

Loretta said...

to tandemingtroll: Thanks so much for your prayers! =) Thankfully we aren't needing to move cross country, but are grateful nonetheless.
Thanks for the tip about asking whether or not you really need something before you buy.
Keep reading! =)