Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fast, Easy Way To Serve Prebagged "Salties"

To serve things like chip, tortilla, or pretzel (etc.) snacks quickly for a buffet style meal for family or guests, especially at potlucks, try this fun trick:

Lay your unopened bag of chips on its back on a table or counter so the front label is facing up (toward the ceiling). Then taking a scissors, cut a circle (oval or square, etc.) out of the front label, creating its own "bowl." If you have leftovers, just put them into an airtight container for later. Clean up is easy.

Fun and easy. Great idea and everyone will think you are so creative! =)

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The Gluten-Free Homemaker said...

There have been times when I run out of chip bowls and this sure beats opening the bag from the top.

Cara said...

Neat idea!
I can see this saving some messy clean up of spilled chips. Thanks for sharing your idea.


Ginger said...

With little ones always wanting a treat this is a idea i will use !
Thank you so very much!