Monday, July 21, 2008

Poll #4 Results

Poll #4 was a fill in the blank - 16 people voted.

"I am more likely to change something I do because...

...I read something convincing" - 100% of the voters answered this selection.

Since those of you who answered the poll already value the use of the internet as a great research tool, I'm not surprised. Seeing something in print somehow makes a persuasive argument seem more timeless and therefore more convincing. Seeing is believing they say. Ah, "the power of the pen" does ring true.

May I be honest and truthful with my "pen" here on Vegan Footprints. I hope that reading this blog has helped you in some way. Maybe to learn about something you've wondered about or never knew before. Maybe you'll learn a new vegan recipe to prepare for your family.

I do appreciate all my readers, from 40 different countries! Wow! My thanks to everyone who has commented. It helps me see what you think about when you are reading. I'm glad to everyone who asks questions. Send me an email if the comment section isn't exactly what you are looking for at: vegan footprints at gmail dot com (no spaces - listed this way to avoid spam).

Thanks to all who voted. My next poll #5 is up, so vote today.


Sarah Halter said...

You're gonna keep posting after you get back to the states, right?

Loretta said...

Yes, of course! Thanks for asking. I do intend to keep this blog full of information and recipes...adding new all the time.

I will probably be doing a little less during the move, but intend to post at least a couple times a week or more if I can. I am trying to get some posts written now to publish while we move.

As you'll see, I'm doing a little more about Ghana foods right now as it's clear that it won't be so easy to post about it once I'm back in the states.

I'll be joining the crowd looking for good ways to save money on everything in the states.

So please bear with me for the next month or so as we transition back to life in the states.

Thanks and keep reading! =)

Loretta for Vegan Footprints