Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Food "Philosophy" - Part 4...Whole Foods And Living "Lightly"

On the whole foods thing… I am a lover of all things vegan, whole, and raw. For example, apples, not applesauce or apple juice. Whole grains freshly milled, not processed white flour or other flours bought off the shelf. I like to use fresh raw veggies and fruit as opposed to cooked, baked or otherwise, because I like the taste and it gives me energy. Cook everything in sight and you’ll be going to bed early everyday. No thanks. So eat mostly raw, but relax and have some cooked things when your health is good.

I have recently been asked for my grilled mushroom marinade recipe for someone who was actually told by her doctor to try a vegetarian diet for her diabetes…! After I get the doctor’s name, number and address, I will let you know this veggie friendly doctor!!! =) I couldn’t believe it either. Anyway, as a way to thank that doctor, I posted this recipe as the first one on my blog.

On the “footprints”…I try to maintain a light “footprint” ecologically. With my blog, I intend to pass on ways to do just that. Also, how to live simply and usually that means spending less, but not always. You can use this blog as a resource. But use other sources as well. I do. Where do you think I learned all of this through the years? Use your local library (Please! Or they will go extinct!)…check on the internet… learn from your friends…and then pass it on to help others.

You'll hear more throughout my posts about my food "philosophy" - so stay tuned...


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texasleslie said...

HI ! Love your blog. Especially the picture...very calming and beautiful.

I like the description of your journey into living the way your family lives now. Being married and being a mom is SO fun and there are so many ways to learn to care for them and create the harmony in your home!

I am going to have to try the Portabella recipe. My hubby LOVES them!

Just wanted to encourage you to keep adding to the blogosphere and enjoy your fam!...you just can't believe how quickly the little ones grow.....you "blink" and they are grown...and having their own babies!...(which, by the way...is WONDERFUL...GRANDparenting is the more fun than EVER!!...ok..I LOVE parenting, too...so it's a toss up!)

love from texas!